Spotlight: Dr. Stephen Glazer, Nova’s Chief Science Officer

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Spotlight: Dr. Stephen Glazer, Nova’s Chief Science Officer

“Obesity is a chronic disease. Some people have no chance of avoiding it unless we are able to help them.”

Those who know Dr. Stephen Glazer often refer to him as a medical jack-of-all-trades. That’s because over the past thirty years he has become specialized in a number of fields, including internal medicine, intensive care medicine, pre-operative risk assessment, sleep medicine, diabetes and cardiology.

It is the field of bariatrics, however, where Dr. Glazer has become a national leader. Bariatric medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of people living with obesity.

“The stigma of obesity, which is erroneous, is that it’s just a matter of calories in and calories out. In fact, our brain is wired to counteract weight loss.”

Dr. Glazer is the President of the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons, an organization with a mission to enhance the standards of bariatric care in Canada, supporting both primary and continuing educational programs, knowledge and research, as well as developing policies and new ideas to improve patient care.

He’s also the Medical Director for both the Bariatric Surgical and Medical Program at Humber River Hospital in Toronto, a dedicated centre of excellence for the management of obesity in Ontario.

Most recently, he was appointed Nova Mentis’ Chief Science Officer. Nova has announced it’s expanding its psilocybin research and development program to target obesity and diabetes and therefore decided to attract the country’s leading mind in the field to help guide the company on this new path.

He’ll be working with the Scientific Advisory Board, led by Dr. Marvin S. Hausman MD, to help advance the clinical research program for neuroinflammatory disorders and accelerate the discovery of new therapeutics. 

Nova decided to expand its research program after they discovered exciting and somewhat surprising findings during their autism spectrum disorder preclinical study taking place in the laboratory of Dr. Viviana Trezza, at Roma Tre University in Rome, Italy. The study revealed effects on inflammatory markers involved in obesity and diabetes, which strongly suggest psilocybin has potential application to treat these chronic conditions.

“These exciting findings may be extremely promising in the treatment of obesity and diabetes, often referred to as ‘diabesity’.  Because inflammation plays an important role within the lipocytes and fat cells and other organs, lessening the inflammatory response may significantly impact the short and long-term complications seen in those living with diabesity.” 

When he’s not at the hospital, you can find him spending time with his family and friends.

Nova is proud to welcome Dr. Glazer to the team and knows his guidance, leadership and passion for finding solutions to improve patient’s lives will be a great asset to the research underway.

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